Friday, October 2, 2009

Horoscopes for October 2nd - October 9th

Happy October, lovelies!

So, who's made a batch of apple cider yet? Pumpkin pie? In my opinion, October is one of the best months for all things delicious.

I've got your TarotScopes for October 2nd - October 9th. Enjoy!


Right now, it's time for you to plan for the future in your Career. What goals do you want to accomplish in the next few months? If you want to move up, or start a new company, now is the time to plan. It's not the time to manifest; it's the time to take baby steps. You may feel overwhelmed, and there may seem like there are obstacles in your way, but just take time out to think about what YOU (not your company) want to accomplish. It's not about everybody else this week; it's about you and your personal goals. Friends around you may inspire you to move forward, be on the lookout!

As far as Health goes, you have the Wheel card. Things may be up in the air regarding your health, so just be aware and pay attention to small signs and your cleaning rituals. Be careful in travel, -- you may pick something up there.

You have the Empress in your Relationships. People are going to be relying on you, and you're going to feel safe to open up and tell people how you really feel. Creativity in your relationships is going to hit you, and you're going to feel the need to help and support others. If there are arguments between you and friends, you're going to win. Certain friends may need to be told the truth as you see it. As long as you're tactful, it can be a really good learning experience for all.


You have the Temperance card in your Career this week. You're waiting on something, but right now you can't be sitting back. Whatever this decision is, it's really going to affect everything. Start making your move. Now is the time! You're also "yes-ing" too much at work. You need to learn how to say no. It will help the coworkers around you to see where your limits are.

Nothing new on the horizon in your Health this week. If you've been sick, looks like you may stay that way, and if you're healthy, well, that's not going to change either!

In your Relationships, you haven't been able to let something go. You've been stuck on it for a little while, and you're resisting changes. In a way, you're sacrificing too much to reach your goals in relationships and tiring yourself out. Open your ears, listen to other people's opinions, allow yourself to let go of some control – and take back a little bit of your time.


You have the Knight of Swords in your Career right now. There's a lot of talk of growth and changes in your company among coworkers. Don't listen to the gossip running around the hallways; not all of it is true. Take everything with a grain of salt, and do not join in spreading those rumors! These coworkers are going to talk themselves into your brain, and may rearrange your focus at work. Don't let the gossip get under your skin. Also, this week you've got to push toward your goals. Get your stuff done on time and don't allow yourself to be distracted. Take on one or two projects at a time.

You may feel run down this week in terms of Health. You may be working late, feeling stressed, and not get enough sleep. Do what you can this week to relax. You can jump over a slight illness if it comes your way, so don't panic and don't push yourself.

You have the World in your Relationships sector. This is going to be a big week for networking, and any obstacles in your way are going to be easily overcome. Listen to friends and their emotional issues; you may be able to really help them. A lot of the issues happening around you this week really don't have anything to do with you. Even if arguments or tempers seem focused on you, it's other people's personal issues. Let those things pass.


You have the Moon in your Career, Cancer. You're over analyzing things at work, aren't you? You don't need to worry! You're fine financially, but if you're stressing at the office, that stress is going to follow you everywhere. Money is going to be stable this week, so don't let your imagined panic distract you and show through to those coworkers or boss. Don't let people see you coming undone; keep your emotions and your brain stable. You can do it.

Things are moving forward in your Health. You may get some answers to some questions this week (perhaps from a doctor or other medical professional), and that's going to lift a weight from your shoulders. The stress in your career may be exasperating other issues, so if you can get your brain to slow down, you're going to actually make yourself feel better.

In Relationships, you have the Tower reversed. You're in a rebuilding period right now. You may have had a lot of previous pain surrounding relationships, but right now you could be reconnecting with either an ex-flame or with the person you're already in love with, and things are changing for the better. If there isn't anyone in your life, you may be rebuilding yourself back up after a personal loss and finding who you are and what you want all over again. Someone from the past may come back to you this week, so keep an eye out for them!


This week is a week for you to absorb information when it comes to your Career. It's a "sit back and wait" time. Research, ask questions, and listen to others. It's all about new information and learning new things. There may be a new class or a new way of doing things that's really going to interest you, and it will definitely help you in the future. Keep those eyes and ears open!

You have the Queen of Pentacles in your Health sector. You're good right now, so stop worrying! You may feel a little more tired than usual, but other than that, it's smooth sailing.

In your Relationships (always the biggest concern for Leos!) we have the 5 of Wands. You're planning for the future. You're creating a battle plan or blueprint, either with your partner or around finding a new person. Focus on the planning and have fun with it! Plans are just goals glorified, and goals change over time, so take a relaxed attitude with this planning phase.


You have the Hermit in your Career. It's a week to kind of keep to yourself. Typically you can be critical of the world; but this week, keep your opinions inside. Focus on your own projects and issues and perhaps separate yourself from certain coworkers who are bothering you. Now is not the time to come at others. People may be asking you for advice, however, so if the good-hearted knock on your door, it will definitely benefit you to help them.

You Health looks good this week!

We have the 5 of Cups in your Relationships sector. You may be more emotional than usual are right now. You may be more perceptive of other people's emotions; and if there are strong emotional pulls in the people around you, you're going to feel it. Don't allow their heavy emotions to effect you, though. Their energy might become your energy and that's not always advised. There's nothing big on the horizon, so just allow yourself to go with the flow and keep your heart safe from others' psychic energies.


You may feel slightly off balance in your Career. Home may be invading your workspace and distracting you. Maintain your focus, Libra! People are going to be coming to you this week for help and understanding, so you really need to keep yourself balanced and clear.

Your Health seems free and clear right now!

You're going to be a lot more social than usual this week when it comes to Relationships, and it might keep you out and about almost more than you'd like. You've going to be visiting a lot of people and places, and so you may not get as much time to sit back and relax as usual. You also may be feeling some financial stress pertaining to your home life. You tend to obsess about certain problems, so do your best to give in to the Universe this week and don't allow your issues to invade your personal relationships. Everything will be taken care of as it should be!


Put your nose to the grindstone this week in regards to your Career, Scorpio. You have the opportunity to strike a big deal or work a lot of overtime; right now you're going to be able to create some financial movement – in a good way! Just keep your focus this week and work, work, work.

You have the Hangman reversed in your Health right now. You may be feeling a little more rundown than usual, but this is nothing new. Have you been feeling tired for the last couple of weeks? If so, just give yourself some extra rest.

This week is all about enjoyment in terms of Relationship. It doesn't look like you're bringing work or stress into your friendships and love area; you're ready to take a lighthearted approach and that's great. Go ahead and enjoy.


You've got the World reversed in your Career. It may feel like things are falling apart on you, but it could just be in your head. You may feel a lot of frustration around work this week, so take time at home to relax. Everything isn't going to perfect or right, so just allow the chips to fall where they may. If you can get through this week, next week is going to provide room and time to decompress.

Watch out for headaches right now. They could be due to all that stress you're putting on yourself.

You're to have to be the leader this week in Relationships, Sag, You've got the King of Pentacles, and that's all about keeping the balance. The pace of your relationships are up to you this week and it looks as though most of you want to move full steam ahead and achieve those goals. There are some financial choices to be made between you and your partner this week, but don't let the stress get to you. You will most likely be the one to make the final decision. Again, it's your turn to take the reins this week. I'm not seeing any real ups or downs in love right now. It's all about taking control!

You have the 3 of Coins reversed in your Career. There's nothing new or big in the workplace right now. You may have some focus issues, but mostly, money is going to remain stable and things should go as planned.

You have the Star reversed in your Health sector. Nothing new, nothing big, just like in your career forecast. It may be a slightly boring couple of days – but at least you're healthy!

In Relationships, it's going to be about overcoming obstacles this week. If you've been waiting for answers or finality in your relationships or around financial issues, this week will bring them to a head and bring about conclusions. The focus is going to be on you, so watch and listen to what people are really saying right now.


Instead of planning for the future right now, stay in the moment regarding your Career. You may have been focused on the future for the last couple of weeks, but now is the time to keep your eyes open to what's currently going on around you – especially when it comes to financial issues. Don't worry about what you need to pay back in a few weeks, months, years; worry about what you need to take of financially today.

There shouldn't be anything big on your Health horizon right now, but do pay attention to your joints this week. They may be a little achier or inflamed than usual. Take precautions.

In your Relationships, you have the 10 of Cups. That's a dream card to me! You can make fantasies come true this week. You can say what you've always wanted to say, or convince loved ones to do what you've always waned to do! If you're not attached, now is the time to write out a list of everything you've ever wanted in a partner. You're in a power place right now.


You may be facing some opposition in your Career, and there could be some issues with coworkers this week. Have you been feeling like you've been held back, or coming against a lot of opposition? If so, those feelings are right on. You're handling these issues with grace and maturity, though, and the stagnation should only last for another month at most.

More than anything, in your Health, you may be feeling like you've been walking for miles at a time. Pay attention to the soles of your feet and during travel. You may feel aches or slight exhaustion connected to those areas, so do what you can to rest.

This is a time of growth in Relationships. If you've been looking to take things to the next level or find someone new, now is the time to do it. You've got the power in your pocket; so don't be afraid to make that move!